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Gold Light Data is a leading data management company that provides comprehensive solutions to help businesses connect, integrate, and leverage their data assets, regardless of their location or speed.

Our services enable businesses to combine their data assets easily, reduce complexity, and ensure data governance and security. With our expertise, businesses can quickly gain broad and relevant insights, unleashing real value, adaptability, and scalability.

In addition to our existing services, we offer cutting-edge data virtualization solutions that allow businesses to access and combine data from multiple sources in real-time without the need for complex integration processes. This reduces storage costs, simplifies the data landscape, and improves efficiency.

At Gold Light Data, we pride ourselves on tailoring our solutions to each business’s unique needs. Whether you are looking to connect, integrate, or virtualize your data, our team of experts is here to help you unleash the full potential of your data assets.

Our Services

Gold Light Data is at the forefront of Data Management solutions, with a specialty in Denodo among other leading technologies, ready to elevate your data landscape to new heights.

Whether you’re seeking on-premise consulting within Mexico or remote services on a global scale, Gold Light Data stands ready. Our versatile business model allows for collaboration with third-party integrators billing on a time and materials basis to corporate clients in the USA or Europe, or we can directly engage with end customers in a B2B framework.

Our highly competent team, fluent in English and Spanish, delivers expert services from Mexico using our efficient near-shore model. We offer a spectrum of specialized roles, including delivery and implementation consultants, continuous administrator and developer services, architectural expertise, and steadfast help desk support.

GLD has now expanded our capabilities through a strategic alliance with Quantum Omega, a leader in ERP Microsoft Dynamics implementations. Our joint venture means we now bring certified expertise directly to your ERP projects, implementing the advanced and rapid SureStep methodology to ensure success that aligns with your business’s unique needs.

Strategic Alliances for Enhanced Service Delivery

  • Expertise Delivery: Our dedicated consultants possess the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional results.
  • Custom Tailored Implementations : We forge industry-leading solutions that are perfectly aligned with your distinct requirements.
  • Business Continuity: Leveraging the SureStep methodology, we ensure the continuous operation of your business, with milestones met efficiently and effectively.
  • Advanced Problem Solving : No challenge is too complex, and solutions are executed with precision and agility.
  • Cost-Effective Excellence : We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, providing value for your investment.

In addition, GLD provides comprehensive support for companies employing foreign nationals in Mexico. From visa and work permit processing to payroll management, we ensure smooth and compliant operations.

Choose Gold Light Data for unparalleled, competent, and innovative consulting services. Reach out today to harness the full power of our expertise and our strategic partnerships.

Cloud Solutions

Expertly navigate the complex cloud storage landscape with our personalized guidance. We offer secure, scalable cloud solutions tailored to your data needs, ensuring your business is equipped for both current and future demands.

Data Infrastructure Engineering

Partner with us to engineer robust Big Data infrastructures that integrate seamlessly with your existing IT systems. Our approach minimizes TCO while maximizing scalability and performance, preparing you for the data demands of tomorrow.

Data Governance & Quality

Implement comprehensive governance strategies with us, covering data quality management, metadata management, and data security policies. Our governance ensures data integrity, aiding in compliance and operational excellence.

Data Science & Analytical Modeling

Our team of data scientists employs cutting-edge techniques to build models that parse complex data streams, generating actionable insights. We help solve your toughest data challenges to enhance operational intelligence and drive business efficiency.

Real-Time Analytics & Business Intelligence

Offering a suite of analytics services, we provide real-time analysis, testing, data science, reporting, and market research. Our packages are custom-tailored to address the diverse and specific needs of your business, delivering insights with precision and speed.

API Development & Integration

Transform your capabilities with our API integration services. Whether it’s replacing legacy systems or developing new APIs, we enable your business to innovate and capitalize on new opportunities in the digital landscape.

Artificial Intelligence Consultation

Our AI consultants are equipped to drive and leverage AI strategies and development, ranging from identifying automation opportunities to building and training bespoke AI algorithms, ensuring your business stays ahead of the technological curve.

ERP Solutions

With our strategic alliance with Quantum Omega, we offer certified expertise in ERP Microsoft Dynamics implementations. Employing the advanced SureStep methodology, we ensure swift, custom-tailored ERP deployments that are perfectly aligned with your business objectives, without compromising on quality or strategic milestones.

Strategic Alliances

Gold Light Data believes in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and excellence. Our strategic alliances are carefully selected to bring together complementary strengths, setting the stage for mutual success and exceeding performance expectations. We partner with industry leaders to provide cutting-edge solutions and expand our expertise.

The Synergy of Collaboration


Revolutionizing process automation with a Python-based stack, Robocorp enables seamless building of applications and workflows. Designed for the agile enterprise, it allows users to develop locally, orchestrate from the cloud, and execute automations anywhere. With Robocorp, you can automate with confidence, leveraging a vast ecosystem of keywords and libraries where performance, scalability, and security are foundational.

Quantum Omega Group

Our newest alliance brings ERP expertise to the forefront of our service offerings. Quantum Omega, a leading firm based in the Netherlands, brings certified proficiency in Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementations to our portfolio. This collaboration enhances our capabilities with Quantum Omega’s proprietary SureStep methodology, promising ultra-rapid, risk-managed ERP deployments that align with your business’s strategic objectives.

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